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Long fiction

Valletta78. Outpost19 Books. order

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Short fiction

“The Patriot.”Jigsaw Nation: Science Fiction Stories of Secession. Spyre Press, 2006.

“Birthday.” Flashshot, April 2007.

“Four Sieges.” Hobart(web), July 2007. (Wigleaf 50 2008 long list) link

“75 Percent, by 2015.”Hot Metal Bridge, October 2007. link

“The Bridgeport Zoo.” DOGZPLOT Flash Fiction, July 2008. link

“Christmas Morning." DOGZPLOT Flash Fiction, December 2008. (Wigleaf 50 2009 long list) link

“Other Side of a Grade School Fundraiser Flyer.”Hit and Run, March 2009.

“Orange.” Wigleaf, April 2009. link

“There are always children.” elimae, April 2009

“After Prom, It’s All Downhill.” Monkeybicycle, May 2009. link

“Headspace Sampler.” decomP, July 2009. link

“Locavore.” Keyhole Digest, August 2009.

“Early Decision.” PANK, August 2009. (Wigleaf 50 2010 long list) link

“Riposte.” PANK, August 2009. link

“Waiting Room.” PANK, August 2009. (Micro Award finalist) link

“Fraud.” Necessary Fiction, September 2009. link

“Tribal Tattoo.” Mel Bosworth Reads Things, November 2009. YouTube link

“How the Interplanetary War Began.” Defenestration, November 2009. link

“Trumpet Voluntary.” Wigleaf, January 2010. link

“This Morning Will Be Different.” Annalemma, February 2010. (Wigleaf 50 2011 long list) link

“The Muse.” Bloody Bridge Review, March 2010.

“Where Did It All Go Wrong?” jmww, Spring 2010. link

“At Grayfield Keep.” Everyday Genius, March 2010. (Wigleaf 50 2011 long list) link

“The Year Away.” Necessary Fiction, June 2010. link

“Rethink.” LITSNACK, July 2010.

“End Times.” Word Riot, August 2010. link

“After Pamela.” Referential, September 2010. link

“Four Digits with Three Phalanges.” Necessary Fiction, September 2010. link (The Ancient City link)

“That’s You.” Referential, September 2010. link

“Keystone Regional.” Corium, September 2010. link

“What You Should Have Known about ABBA.” RE: Telling, Ampersand Books, February 2011. info

“Capacity.” Dark Sky Magazine, April 2011.

“The Mage in the Tower, the Wizard in the Sky.” >kill author, April 2011. link

“If You Weren’t Here.” Used Furniture Review, April 2011. link

“The North Face.” Emprise Review, July 2011.

“Signs and Symptoms.” FRiGG, Fall 2011. link

“Wonder.” FRiGG, Fall 2011. link

“The Right Thing to Do.” FRiGG, Fall 2011. link

“Bupropion.” Artifice, issue 4. order

“Induction.” DOGZPLOT, November 2011. link

“What is Best in Life?” Stripped: A Collection of Anonymous Flash, January 2012.

This Morning Will be Different. Shut Up/Look Pretty. Tiny Hardcore Press, 2012. Amazon

“I Wish I Was Kidding.” FRiGG, Summer 2012. link

“Plan for Wellness.” matchbook, September 2012. link

“Theodore Roosevelt.” Their Peculiar Ambitions: Forty-Four Stories about Our Forty-Four Presidents. link

“ilyik.” Big Lucks, April 2013. info

“Doors Open at Midnight.” Salt Hill 31. order

“2020.” Writing that Risks: New Work from beyond the Mainstream, Red Bridge Press. order

“Date Night.” Gigantic Worlds, Gigantic Books. order

“The Kiss.” Wyvern Lit, issue 1. link

“Three Cat Stories.” Barrelhouse, issue 13. order

“Clock of the Nations, Midtown Plaza, Rochester, NY.” Atticus Review, August 2014. link

“Sometimes, a Rifle Really Is Just a Rifle.” Barrelhouse, December 2014.

“Amazing.” Okey-Panky, May 2015. link

“467 Views, 13 Likes.” Cease, Cows, August 2020. link

“When I was FLOTUS.” The Museum of Americana, October 2020. link

"National Lampoon's 2016." HAD, December 2021. link

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Not fiction

“On Paula Deen, or Why Putting This Essay Online Guarantees I Will Not Qualify for Private Health Insurance in My State,” The Rumpus. link

“Stupid Video Games,” PANK. link

“Ten Things about Writing and a Preface,” PANK. link

“Literary Fiction is Alive and Well Linkbucket,” Third Coast. link

Compression statement, Matter Press. link

“Reflections from Connecticut: Dear Linda McMahon,” Used Furniture Review. link

"Writing Prompts: March to June" And If That Mockingbird Don't Sing: Parenting Stories Gone Speculative, Alternating Current Press: 2022. order

Writing: Text


 “Reminders.“ Necessary Fiction. link

Writing: Text
Writing: Text
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